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Youth View Of Active City Policies 1. National Meeting


National Meeting

December 15-21, 2023

The 1st National Meeting of the Erasmus+ KA154 Young Perspective on Active Urban Policies project with the contract number 2022-1-TR01- KA154-YOU-000065656 funded by the Turkish National Agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey was held in Erzurum between 15-21 December 2023.

In our project, which we realized in partnership with Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality and Erzurum Spor A.Ş., our participants were trained by trainers and physiotherapists specialized in sports science, project management.

  • What is Active Living?
  • How to Achieve and Sustain Active Living?
  • Active Living in the City?
  • Healthy Body in City Life and Workplaces
  • EU Opportunities and Project Cycle Management
  • What is Erasmus+? ESC Opportunities
  • Energizer Team Building Trainings

and workshops were held.  In addition, Ahmet Dal, General Manager of Erzurum Spor A.Ş., President of Erzurumspor FK, President of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Youth Sports Club, Head of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Press, Publications and Public Relations Department, came together with the participants and held an interview on “An Active Life”.

In our project process, our participants organized group workshops on 4 different topics.

Before each workshop, informative presentations were made by experts to ensure that the workshop topics were understood and adopted by the participants.

Workshop Topics;

  1. Impact of City Planning and Infrastructure Services on Physical Mobility

In this session, participants discussed how a city should ideally be planned and the impact of the infrastructure works on the participation of individuals in physical mobility. As a result of 4 separate group work, 4 different city planning were created and these intellectual outputs were turned into projects and presented to other participants.

  1. Accessibility of Sports Services

In this study, the situation of people of all ages, including rural people, in terms of access to sports was addressed and the obstacles faced by disadvantaged groups in particular were turned into a problem diagram. 4 separate outputs of 4 separate group studies were turned into a report.

  1. Increasing Physical Mobility in Working Life

Working people spend 8-12 hours a day at work, which is closely related to the contribution of workplace practices to physical mobility. In this session, participants developed simple but effective methodologies that can be applied in the workplace, referring to the relationship between sport and psychology. The effects of flexible working and working from home, which have been on the agenda after the pandemic, on physical activity were discussed. They put these practices on the axis in the triangle of employee-employer-state and turned them into a report to be presented to decision makers.

  1. Youth Perspective on Active City Policies

In this workshop, the role of young people as policy makers was particularly supported and participants were encouraged to develop an “Active City” policy. In the group work, young people discussed all aspects of the policies in which public institutions would be involved and prepared a report to be presented to decision makers.

In the last days of the project, the participants met with decision makers. Erzurum Provincial Director of Youth and Sports Mr. Birdal Öztürk, Erzurum Provincial Director of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Mr. Ali Laloğlu and Northeast Anatolia Development Agency Secretary General Mr. Oktay Öztürk participated in the program. In the round table meetings, young people had the opportunity to present their workshop reports and innovative practices to decision makers and ask questions about the areas. The program ended with a presentation of thanks to the decision makers and the YouthPass certificate ceremony.

At the end of the program, a closing meeting was held with young people and a feedback meeting was held about the scope and content of the project.

Within the scope of the theme, our participants watched the Ice Hockey A National Team at the Ice Rink and skated with the experienced ice skating instructors of Erzurum Spor A.Ş.

They watched the most popular sport of the city, football, Metropolitan Municipality Erzurumspor & Umraniyespor match in the stands at Kazım Karabekir Stadium.  In addition, our participants experienced skiing in Palandöken Mountain in their free time.

On the last day of the project, our participants, accompanied by the experienced guide of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, visited other historical and touristic places of Erzurum, especially Erzurum Martyrdom, Erzurum Congress Building, where important decisions were taken for our War of Independence, and had the opportunity to taste local flavors.

The 1st National Meeting of the Young Perspective on Active Urban Policies Project was successfully completed and preparations for the 2nd National Meeting have started

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