Osmanağa Mah. Şemsitap Sok. No: 5/13 Kadıköy-İstanbul

Active City Management System aims to integrate physical activity with urban life, to increase the quality of life of cities and to create a sustainable Active City Management System.


The Active City Management System aims to put forward a system that will be a guide for societies by realizing the goal of “Health and Quality of Life” among the United Nations Sustainable Development goals.


It aims to design a sustainable and auditable system that is applicable to all cities by taking into account all the differences related to the physical, demographic, social and economic status of the cities and including the special location of the cities in the system.


It aims to provide input to the Active City Management System by measuring and comparing the current physical activity level of cities and to put forward an up-to-date approach to cover differences.


It aims to publish an Active City Management System and Guide together with community stakeholders in order to create environments that will enable all members of the society, who were inactive during the pandemic period, to do physical activity wherever they are.