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October 9-14

Erasmus Days (#ErasmusDays), which provide a unique opportunity for beneficiaries to organize an event, share their Erasmus+ experiences or announce their projects, have been celebrated with various events in October with the participation of our country since 2018 in order to increase the recognition of the Erasmus+ Programme and the visibility of the projects for this program, to disseminate the outputs of the relevant projects and to encourage potential beneficiaries to benefit from Erasmus+.

Why should you participate in #ErasmusDays?

With #ErasmusDays events, the Erasmus+ Program, Erasmus+ projects and beneficiary stories are expected to become more visible and Erasmus+ beneficiaries from all walks of life are expected to share the results and stories of their projects locally. In this direction, #ErasmusDays activities aim to share experiences with all target groups such as public institutions, civil society organizations, students, young people who are potential beneficiaries of the Erasmus+ Programme. Within the scope of the campaign, each project owner institution plans its own event and organizes activities to disseminate previously implemented or existing projects.

 With #ErasmusDays events, you can make more people aware of your project and extend the impact of your project across Europe and even beyond.

What can we do during #ErasmusDays?

Physical Events, Online Digital Events (Social Media (#ErasmusDays), Online conferences/webinars, Podcasts, Online Exhibitions, Online Surveys/Researches, Hackathons/Coding Events, Competitions, Blogs).

After the #ErasmusDays events are completed, a report including all the activities carried out during the event is prepared by the Turkish National Agency every year and published on the official web page of the institution under the name #ErasmusDays Impact Report. You can get inspired by reviewing all the activities carried out within the scope of #ErasmusDays events.

How to Make Your #ErasmusDays Event Visible?

After planning your #ErasmusDays event, you can visit the official website of the event https://www.erasmusdays.eu/

Registration on the event map is required. This registration is essential for your institution and organization to have a Europe-wide profile and for the event to be visible across Europe.

You can also follow the details, related logos and up-to-date information about #ErasmusDays on the official website of the Turkish National Agency https://www.ua.gov.tr/.

What did Active Cities do during #Erasmusdays2023?

Active Cities #Erasmusdays2023

We participated in the youth meeting organized on 14 October 2023 at Şişli IBB Habitat Life Center in cooperation with İmece Network, İPA and IBB Youth and Sports Directorate.

We informed the young people who visited our stand about our many ongoing Erasmus+ projects and other activities as Active Cities.

We talked about the opportunities Erasmus+ projects provide to young people and the experiences they will gain.

We organized many activities to increase the visibility of our country in Digital Media. We shared informative surveys, challenges and #ErasmusDays project activity videos on our social media accounts.

Now, what can we do for #ErasmusDays events next year?

We have already started thinking…