Osmanağa Mah. Şemsitap Sok. No: 5/13 Kadıköy-İstanbul

Let’s talk About Online Campaigning

  • Enhancing the digital skills and competencies of young participants,
  • Ensuring competency development about digital campaigns and online platforms, which are frequently encountered today and will continue to be encountered,
  • Fostering the development of individuals who can take on roles in identifying social needs to launch a campaign among participants and organizations,
  • Empowering individuals to increase their self-confidence and self-esteem and take an active role in their communities,
  • Raising awareness among participants about Erasmus+ Programs and providing opportunities for brainstorming for future local and international projects,
  • Developing, sustaining, and enhancing digital literacy skills among individuals participating in the project,
  • Enabling participants to access appropriate information and campaigns while addressing social issues and conducting research on these social issue processes, and actively participating in these stages.
  • The objectives include developing competencies such as problem-solving, cultural awareness, social and citizenship skills, and taking initiative in digital campaigns and online platforms.
  • Participants will not only work on self-improvement but also actively engage in their organizations and communities, share their experiences with peers from their communities and countries, and acquire knowledge about creating online campaigns and reaching international visibility through these campaigns.
  • Our participants will have the opportunity to enhance their public speaking skills and experience expressing themselves in a foreign language.
  • They will become more inclined to work and communicate with people from different countries and backgrounds in today’s digital age.
  • They will be encouraged to actively participate in the digital age and to be aware of and take advantage of the opportunities presented.
  • Participants will increase their knowledge about Erasmus+ Programs and become ready to transform their ideas into local and international initiatives.
  • Active participants in the project will receive a YouthPass certificate, which is a concept of recognition of non-formal learning.

It will take place between August 16th and August 23rd, 2023.


Turkiye, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Romania

7 young people aged between 18 and 30 will be included in the program.

Young people aged between 18 and 30, who are proficient in communication, adept at group work, responsible, have actively participated in youth work, and have a sufficient level of English proficiency, can apply to the project.