Osmanağa Mah. Şemsitap Sok. No: 5/13 Kadıköy-İstanbul

We Completed Our No Neet Project

We completed the Round Table activities of our project “No Neet” with Contract No. 2022-1-TR01-KA210-YOU-000083042 funded by the Turkish National Agency on 24-25 February 2024 hosted by Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University. 

The first activity of our project was hosted by Turkey between 07-16 August with young people from Italy and Bulgaria. In the meetings that lasted for nine days, we created a training programme that aims and aims to bring young people who are neither in education nor in employment into education and employment.

As the next activity of our project, we carried out the training programme for young people who are neither in education nor in employment under the mentorship of our expert trainers to the participating young people of each project partner (Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria) within an 8-week calendar. 

In the last activity of our project, the partner countries gathered the youth workers in their own countries around the Round Table, adhering to the project implementation dates. In the meeting agendas, the current problems of young people who are neither in education nor in employment were identified by depicting them through Neet characters, and the problems that emerged were discussed at the table and solution suggestions were developed. Inspired by the current situation, problems and solution proposals, 4 different project ideas were created to be presented to the society and decision makers.

If we summarise the results of the current situation determinations and field studies revealed during the project implementation process, individuals in the category of neither education nor employment are faced with many social and psychological problems. In this context, our situation determination report studies and training kits will be shared with authorised persons and target groups through various online meetings and face-to-face activities.