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The World Health Organization reports that more than 2 million people die each year from diseases related to lack of movement (WHO, 2010). For this reason, the European Week of Sport was launched by the European Commission in 2015 to combat the worsening inactivity crisis.

The European Week of Sport is a program that encourages all segments of society, regardless of age, gender, social background and fitness level, to be regularly active in indoor and outdoor areas, referred to as “Indoor” and “Outdoor”.


Every year, with the motto #BeActive, on September 23-30, all stakeholders of the society all over Europe carry out activities to promote physical activity and sports and share them on digital media to make them visible. The week, which is very popular today, continues to grow every year, encouraging more and more Europeans to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle.

Although Turkey is not a member of the EU, it has been included in the European Week of Sport program by the European Commission.  The EU Commission has authorized the Sports for All Federation (FSF) in Turkey for this week. Organizations and individuals in Turkey can contact the Sports for All Federation in advance of the event week for funding and other support for their activities during the week.

Sports Clubs, Civil Society Organizations, Local Authorities, Local Authorities, State Institutions and Organizations, legal entities and real persons who want to organize activities within the scope of the European Week of Sport should register at https://ecas.ec.europa.eu/cas and enter their activities into the system.

The EU Commission also gives awards to legal and natural persons who are successful in various categories within the scope of the European Week of Sport.

  • BeActive Education Award
  • BeActive Workplace Award
  • BeActive Local Hero Award
  • Intergenerational #BeActive Award (NEW in 2022)

You can access detailed information about the awards and the European Sports Week from the link https://sport.ec.europa.eu/.

As Active Cities, within the scope of the European Sports Week, we organized an “Upright Posture Academy Journey to the Body” program for the employees of Istanbul Chamber of Industry, Istanbul Development Agency, Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Commerce and other institutions at Odakule Business Center, which has the title of Istanbul’s first Business Center. We organized a theoretical and practical program about what they should pay attention to in order to have a better posture (posture) and office exercises they can do in the office environment. Within the scope of the program, we gave resistance bands to all participants.

Within the scope of this week, we did not forget our volunteers. We organized a Dragon Boat event at the Golden Horn Water Sports Center with expert trainers for our volunteers who responded to our call.