Osmanağa Mah. Şemsitap Sok. No: 5/13 Kadıköy-İstanbul

No Neet 2023

  • We aim to assist our participants in mapping out a roadmap on how they can access environments and information where they can gain competence in areas they are interested in and curious about,
  • To help our participants build networks in their working areas and expand their networking capacities,
  • To support the development of individuals who have completed their education but have not yet entered the workforce.
  • Through the online training provided, it is anticipated that individuals will improve their career planning skills and act in line with these plans.
  • They will increase their knowledge about Erasmus+ Programs and become ready to transform their ideas into local and international initiatives.
  • Representatives of participating organizations will develop partnerships and connections among each other.


In addition to these outputs, a booklet containing the activities carried out during the project will be published.

Uzman eğitmenler ile gerçekleştirilecek online eğitimler 22 Kasım 2023 Tarihinde başlayacak olup 8 hafta sürecektir.

15 young people aged between 18 and 30 will be included in the program.

  • Strong communication skills,
  • Willingness to self-improve,
  • Active participation in youth work,
  • Responsible,
  • Interested in youth work.