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If you want to improve the quality of life of yourself and the society by integrating physical activity and sports with the culture of life in yourself, your family, your work environment, the neighborhood, district, city where you live, welcome to Aktif Şehirler...

If you are a student or graduate of high schools, vocational colleges and faculties related to sports, if you work in organizations and enterprises that produce products and services in these fields of activity, if you are interested in physical activity, exercise and health, sportive activities, although you have a different field or job, you can volunteer for Aktif Şehirler to achieve some gains.

By taking part in Erasmus + EU Education, Training, Youth and Sports Program projects; getting to know different cultures with young people participating from many parts of the world, learning their perspectives on physical activity and sports, being in a suitable environment where you can improve your English and practice, and having an internationally recognized Youthpass Certificate at the end of the projects

To experience Project Cycle Management, which covers the identification of the idea, analysis, planning, financing, implementation and monitoring and evaluation processes of a project that you can use in all areas of your life

Representing as Aktif Şehirler Volunteer in national and international projects in which we are stakeholders

To take part in scientific research in Physical Activity, Exercise and Sports Sciences, to closely follow current developments in your field of influence and interest in a changing world

Contribute to the development of physical and sport policies where you live and take part in the activities and programs developed

To gain experience in teamwork, time management, fulfilling responsibilities, etc. before professional business life